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Donation Pages are a vital part of raising money for the Memorial Foundation.  The 2017 Riders raised over $30,000.00 in donations directly from their personal donation pages and sharing on social media.  If you didn’t select a donation page at registration one can be created for you or if want to change your current donation page image send an email along with an image to admin@paramedicride.ca.

Alberta's FAQs

Why should I ride the Paramedic Ride event?

There are so many great reasons to take part in this event.

  • Helping raise awareness and funds for a Paramedic Ride Monument
  • You explore areas that you may not have thought to ride around before
  • Enjoy police and volunteer support, including closing some streets in major towns to regular vehicular traffic
  • Volunteers and Ride marshals directing cyclists, so you don’t have to think about where you’re going
  • Camaraderie between fellow riders
  • Money raised goes towards a worthwhile goal

Where specifically does the ride start on August 24th?

The ride starts in Cochrane.

Where specifically does the ride end on August 26?

Closing ceremony will be in Cochrane.

Will there be a safe bike lockup at any point throughout the ride?

No. When not riding please ensure your bike is in a safe place and your lock is in place. Your bike is your responsibility and you leave it at your own risk.


What about transportation?

Transportation to and from the ride start and finish locations is responsibility of each rider.

Will I need to carry my own luggage or panniers?

Luggage transportation is limited to two bags plus tent and sleeping gear per rider and will be carried by our S-A-G luggage unit.


When does ride registration close?

August 1st, 2017.

Can ride kits be mailed out to me?

We won’t be mailing out ride kits before the ride. Your kit will be available from the registration desk on the day of your ride.

What do I need to bring with me to pick-up my ride kit?

A copy of your email confirmation for registration is required when picking up your ride kit and two pieces of ID – at least one must be a photo ID.

What is the minimum age to take part in the Paramedic Ride?

The minimum age for all riders, volunteers and participants is 18.

What is the registration process for riders?

Volunteers at the registration desk, located at the event opening location, will verify your registration, complete an Emergency Contact form, have you sign a waiver, confirm your registration and then provide you with your event jersey and rider kit.

Same process for one-day riders except registration is at the starting point on the day of the one-day ride.

Can someone else confirm my attendance and collect my jersey and ride kit?

No, no exceptions. To collect your kit you must sign a waiver and provide 2 pieces of ID which confirms your attendance and entry. Then your jersey and ride kit will be provided.

I have entered and cannot ride, can I get a refund or do a substitution?

Unfortunately refunds are not an option due to jerseys & bags and other items that have been ordered. Transfers are allowed with 72 hours’ notice required before the first day of the event. Jersey size is as-is since it was pre-ordered at the original rider’s size.

What do I need to bring as identification for proof of entry?

Bring photo ID [DL or Passport] and registration confirmation email.

Will I be able to change jersey sizes if I need to?

Unfortunately no. There will be no spare jerseys.

Are there Women’s and Men’s Jerseys?

Yes – fit & size charts can be found here.

How can I purchase a cycling jersey?

Additional cycling jerseys can be purchased in the shop page here.


Will the ride be postponed if it is raining on the day?

No. The ride will go ahead as planned. Be prepared and plan for the heat, cold, wet or wind. In event of an extreme weather event portions of the event may be cancelled. Should this occur transportation will be arranged for the riders to the next starting point.


What type of Identification should I wear or have on me?

It’s highly recommended you wear a wrist or ankle ID strap that outlines your name, what medications you’re on and allergies you have. Carry your ID [DL or Passport] and your Alberta health card on your person.

The Route

Will the routes be well marked and marshalled?

Routes are all marked with chalk road paint at turns and marshals with ambulance escorts at all times.

Will the roads be closed?

No, the roads are NOT closed. We will have some assistance with from Municipality law enforcement in major towns. Rules of the Road must be followed.

Will there be rest room facilities on the route?

There will be a rest stop with facilities at approximately every 25 to 35 kilometer mark. Water and snacks will be provided. The Alberta ride is all inclusive.

Do I need to bring money to buy food or refreshments along the way?

No, you do not require money along the ride. You may want to have money available during your time in the town of Cochrane, Village of Kananaskis and the Town of Longview.

What if I decide during the ride I cannot finish?

Our S-A-G (Support and Gear) units patrol the route to pick up riders who require assistance. The SAG unit includes friendly volunteers who can assist with transport of riders/bikes to the nearest rest stop or the finish if necessary.

What happens if I am involved in an accident?

We will have 2 standby ambulances available as well all staff is equipped with two way radios to contact emergency services if required.

Lodging & Food

Who is responsible for booking, reserving and paying for overnight accommodations?

All accommodations are booked. Because of the remote location, we will be camping, please bring a tent and sleeping gear. You will not need to carry your tent and sleeping supplies, our staff will take care of that for you.

Lodging prior to and after the ride.

Each participant will be responsible to book accommodations prior to and after the ride if needed.

Does the registration include any meals?

All meals drinks and snacks are included for all 3 days.

Bike Repair

Will bike repairs be available during the ride?

Bring a travel-sized bike repair kit along with the basics; two spare inner tubes that fit your bike, a spare chain link that specifically fits your chain and chain grease. If your bike needs major repair we can help and arrange transport to a local bike shop if needed.

More Questions?

Contact the Alberta Ride here.


Cassie Cross $2,655.00
Ryan Strus $1,250.00
Jennifer Hamilton $920.00
Sean Large $790.00
Francine Scott $685.00


Jennifer Hamilton $1,255.00
Marc Beck $1,050.00
Ian Sudlow $920.00
Meaghan Keslick $800.00
Martin Johnson $750.00

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Ride Updates

By Chapter’s Ride Coordinators

New Brunswick
Ride Coordinator

Early Bird Registration Opens January 15, 2018. Planning is in full swing.  New information will be posted here as soon as available.

Hotel Information


What do we do with our vehicles ?

The Delta Hotel has agreed to allow free parking for riders’ vehicles at the finish point. There will be a shuttle from the Delta to the starting point at the Riverside Resort to bring riders, equipment, luggage and bicycles on June 22nd.

A Saftey Briefing is scheduled for June 22nd at 19:00hrs

British Columbia
Ride Coordinator

Ride Coordinator

Ride Coordinator

Hotel Information



Ride Coordinator

Ontario Hotels

Hammer TO

Ride Coordinator

Hammer TO Hotel Info Sept 12th
Sandman Hotel in Hamilton $110
Block Name:
Paramedic Ride or code 2055
Cut off date to book: Aug 13th
Any Problems Contact The Hammer Coordinator

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