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Donation Pages are a vital part of raising money for the Memorial Foundation.  The 2017 Riders raised over $30,000.00 in donations directly from their personal donation pages and sharing on social media.  If you didn’t select a donation page at registration one can be created for you or if want to change your current donation page image send an email along with an image to admin@paramedicride.ca.


Cassie Cross $2,655.00
Ryan Strus $1,250.00
Jennifer Hamilton $920.00
Sean Large $790.00
Francine Scott $685.00


Jennifer Hamilton $1,255.00
Marc Beck $1,050.00
Ian Sudlow $920.00
Meaghan Keslick $800.00
Martin Johnson $750.00

Good News

The Memorial Foundation is about to undergo a major media and website redevelopment just in time for this years rides. Opening Spring 2018.


Ride Updates

New Brunswick

Ride Coordinator

Early Bird Registration Opens January 15, 2018. Planning is in full swing.  New information will be posted here as soon as available.

Hotel Information


What do we do with our vehicles ?

The Delta Hotel has agreed to allow free parking for riders’ vehicles at the finish point. There will be a shuttle from the Delta to the starting point at the Riverside Resort to bring riders, equipment, luggage and bicycles on June 22nd.

A Saftey Briefing is scheduled for June 22nd at 19:00hrs

British Columbia
Ride Coordinator
Ride Coordinator
Ride Coordinator
Ride Coordinator
Hammer TO
Ride Coordinator

Rider Donation Pages were shared on facebook last year 27,991 times.  If your page’s image is not sharing click here and enter your pages URL then click debug & scrape again.  Facebook will now show your image. If facebook is still not displaying your image properties correctly try changing your photo to the recommended registration size of 5x7.

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