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Donation Pages

Donation Pages are a vital part of raising money for the Memorial Foundation.  The 2016, 2017 and 2018 Riders raised over $100,000.00 in donations directly from their personal donation pages and sharing on social media.  If you didn’t select a donation page at registration one can be created for you or if want to change your current donation page image send an email along with an image to webmaster@paramedicride.ca.


In Progress


Cassie Cross $2,655.00
Ryan Strus $1,250.00
Jennifer Hamilton $920.00
Sean Large $790.00
Francine Scott $685.00


Jennifer Hamilton $1,255.00
Marc Beck $1,050.00
Ian Sudlow $920.00
Meaghan Keslick $800.00
Martin Johnson $750.00

Rider Donation Pages were shared on facebook 91,221 times.  If your page’s image is not sharing click here and enter your pages URL then click debug & scrape again.  Facebook will now show your image. If facebook is still not displaying your image properties correctly try changing your photo.

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