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Apple Pay

Billing Address Required
Apple Pay requires your Apple Wallet’s credit or debit cards to each configure an address.  This is a required step often overlooked when setting up Apple Pay on your device.  Click the link “billing address required” when you receive the error message on your device at checkout. From the next screen select “Enter New Billing Address” and enter your billing address and click “save”.  You may now return to the checkout page and select “Buy with Pay”

Many PayPal difficulties are a result of their overcapacity servers. Trying your transaction later may resolve the problem. Error codes provided by PayPal can be clicked to review on Google. Most non-server related issues are a result of your PayPal settings or their classification of your credit account ranking. Not all PayPal accounts are able to be used on our website because we use an instant notification (IPN) system to validate confirmed payment transactions. If your PayPal settings do not allow credit while PayPal obtains your account funds your transaction will be denied. Contact PayPal to remove credit restrictions on your account.

Most Stripe issues are directly related to your account settings within Stripe.

If you are unable to access, add or remove single quantity items from your cart you can click the shopping cart icon in the main menu.

Please Contact Us if the problem persists.

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